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Friends Journal, QuarkerSpeak video series
Friends Journal, QuarkerSpeak video series

“Quaker Quest,” “New Meetings Initiative” Friends General Conference:

“QuakerSpeak” Friends Publishing Corporation:

“STRIDE:Strengthening Transformational Relationships in Diverse Environments” Baltimore Yearly Meeting:

“Projecting the Tapestry-Traveling Ministry Corps.” Friends World Committee for Consultation:

“Fostering Vital Multigenerational Meetings” New York Yearly Meeting:  and New England Yearly Meeting:

“Being Patterns and Examples: Instilling Quaker Identity Through Religious Education. Quaker Religious Education Collaborative:

“Young Adult Friends Gatherings: Online Learning;Quaker Outcomes Measurement Tool Kit.”  Pendle Hill:

“Gathering of Elders and Ministers”: Powell House:

“QVS as National, Multi-city Program;QVS Alumni Fellowship in Philadelphia.” Quaker Voluntary Service: